A Daniel Bouchard-Fernandez

Assoc. Broker DC/MD/VA

A good real estate reputation is a lifetime to achieve, easy to wound, a struggle to redeem once lost.

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About A Daniel Bouchard-Fernandez

Mission: To provide powerful real estate EXPERIENCE and technology that leverages accountability and proven strategies to build client's confidence for their next phase in life.
• Prioritizing SALIENCE in every transaction: Defining the priorities and balancing the needs.
• Letting VERACITY drive the operation. Not every strategy works for every situation. We work to realign factors on the ground and client expectations.
• Our CANDOR is bold, clear, and concise. We don’t sugarcoat the hard realities. We tactfully share challenging truths.
• Orchestrating the chaos of buying/selling real estate. Real Estate is a machination of multiple moving pieces. The individual pieces left in isolation create chaos.
• We work to bring them all together Symphonically.
• Dan is 27+ years of real estate home seller/buyer care. Led by DC/VA/MD Associate Broker A. Daniel Bouchard-Fernandez. With hundreds of transactions 5 years of brokerage supervision experience, wisdom, decisioning, and nimble thinking that exceeds client expectations. Dan is frank, simply direct, respectful & responsive. But at the same time, prone to building strong emotional bonds with clients long after the sale, that they seem to appreciate and value in perpetuity.
• How can we create a mutually beneficial experience together for your needs?

Dan Bouchard-Fernandez 202-309-2339